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Carcassonne Accommodation 

High Quality Contemporary Apartments in medieval Carcassonne

Here are a few suggestions for things to see or do

If you are arround in Spring you may be lucky enough to find Asparagus growing wild in the countryside. It is delecios just stemed for a couple of minutes and served al dente with a nok of butter and some salt.

If you like wine, you probably also like chocolate. Why not combine the two and even avoid the question of who has to drive.... take a walking chocolate and wine tour through the streets of Carcassonne.

For more information:

Drinking wine is fine but what if you can help pick it. In September one of our favorite wines, Chateau Guilheme in Malvies has a grape picking day when the public helps pick grapes and the wine is made and profits go to charity. As soon as the wines are picked the colours of the vines change and the fields take on a completely different character. I'ts well worth driving around to see the spectacular autumn colours of the vines.

When it gets too hot people look for shade, or the beech. Although Carcassonne is only 45 minutes from the coast at Narbonne, there is a beach much nearer. Carcassonne Plage as it is known is at lac Cavayere where there is a lake with a golden beech and lifeguards. For the more adventurous there is an accro park here as well, where you can climb the trees and zipwire between them, with even on slide which crosses part of the lake itself.